Over the years we have worked with hundreds of pastors and their families, the vast majority of whom have requested (and been granted) absolute confidentiality.

The below client stories have been shared on this website with their expressed permission.

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Sam norris yuma, arizona

"I probably wouldn’t know Dennis Newkirk except that we were both working and taking care of our families while we finished up degrees at Grand Canyon University many years ago.  Because “Newkirk” comes just before “Norris”, we spent many hours in class with me right behind him.  

What started in the 1970's took us on a circuitous route of mutual friends, me following him in a pastorate and, today, to us both navigating retirement. Here are some things I have learned about Dennis in the last 40 years:

  • He’s for real.  He speaks truth about himself and uses that to help others deal with some of life’s hardships.
  • He has a heart for pastors and churches.  He has spent his ministry career facing the joys and the pains of shepherding local congregations.  His practical views are essential and helpful for pastors who are trying to figure out a way through their next leadership maze.  
  • He has a rich, working knowledge of Scripture.  He brings the Bible to a personal, practical level for those who hear him teach.

Do I recommend Dennis?  Without question!  His Pastor Support Network will greatly encourage many."

pastors, ministry families, support, mentoring, counseling, crisis intervention, pastor to pastor networking, pastor support, pastor help

Dennis adams glendale, arizona

"Dennis Newkirk has touched the lives of many pastors. His gentle spirit, strong words of encouragement and tangible expressions of assistance to strengthen my church and me have carried me through some challenging times in ministry. His concern goes far above “common” or “ordinary.” 

He has a genuine concern for the well-being of those who pastor the church. Forty plus years of pastoring have honed his heart for the next step of Kingdom ministry. As leader of the Pastor Support Network, Dennis will continue to love, encourage, strengthen and lift up those who shepherd the flock.

He is my friend and fellow Kingdom servant. I know God will bless many pastors through the Pastor Support Network."

pastors, ministry families, support, mentoring, counseling, crisis intervention, pastor to pastor networking, pastor support, pastor help


"Dennis was kind enough to invest in a young pastor from rural Oklahoma.  When I first started ministry, I was needing some direction, and Dennis asked me to come and sit in on a few of his executive meetings with his staff, as well as an elders meeting.  

It was such a privilege for me to be able to see how the church should function on a day-to-day basis. When Dennis realized there were other young pastors in need of direction and wisdom, he began a pastor’s luncheon where he would lead different pastors from the surrounding areas in topics that led to great encouragement and helpful ideas to increase God’s work in their churches.  

Dennis invested in my life personally coming to visit my place of ministry and even came to preach at our church.  Dennis has been a special blessing in my life and has given me great wisdom that a young pastor needs in his first years of ministry.  I am blessed to call Dennis a mentor and a friend."


Jeremy Freeman

"God has used Dennis Newkirk profoundly in my life. Dennis' wisdom, experience, and passion have helped me both personally and pastorally. Dennis came alongside me and helped our church significantly as we transitioned our church government; he and his precious wife, Marcia, led over 200 of our men and women in an incredibly powerful marriage conference; Dennis and Marcia both deeply invested in the life of me and my wife. I cannot say enough good things about my friend and brother in Christ. I will be eternally grateful to God for how He has used the Newkirks in my life."

Michael Staton

I have known Dennis Newkirk for 25 years. Over this time, he has been my pastor, mentor, encourager, and friend. I have benefited greatly from his biblical knowledge and pastoral insights. I have had the opportunity to be personally acquainted with his life, ministry, preaching, and walk with the Lord. Dennis is a man I greatly appreciate and respect. I am a better pastor, preacher, and man because I have been closely associated with Dennis.